Thank you for purchasing our EduVibe - Education HTML Template Using Bootstrap 5. We are happy that you are one of our customers and we assure you will not be disappointed. We do our best to produce top notch items with great functionality, premium designs, and clear code.

This template is built with Bootstrap 5. It is a clean and modern HTML Education Template. It’s suitable for any university, online course, motivation, photography, school, kindergarten and distance learning institution to get you started with ease. This template comes packed with tons of pre-built section blocks to choose from which lets you build your own website without messing around too much. These pages are easy to edit, making it perfect for customizing it the way you need, such as an SEO-optimized site. You can’t go wrong when choosing EduVibe for your next project!

Download The File

After purchasing EduVibe template from with your Envato account, go to your Download page. You can choose to download EduVibe template by clicking on All files & documentation.

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Files Included

The downloaded file comes at a .zip format. You need to extract the downloaded zip file. After extracing the file, you'll find 2 the following 2 folders.

  1. Documentation -> This folder contains the documentation which you are currently reading now.
  2. EduVibe -> The main file. This folder contains all the HTML, CSS and JS files.
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HTML File Structure

All the HTML files are well structured. We focus on the best practices regarding SEO optimization while developing the template. The main contents are inside the 'body' tag divided into different sections like Header, Footer, About Us, Services etc. The general template structure is the same all over the template. Here is a sample of the general structure at index-one.html file.

HTML File Structure

CSS File Structure

We've written all our CSS code at style.css file. The file is located at assets/css/style.css. We've also used some open source CSS libraries like BootStrap. These open source CSS library files are located at assets/css/vendor.

  • bootstrap.min.css
  • remixicon.css
  • eduvibe-font.css
  • magnifypopup.css
  • slick.css
  • odometer.css
  • animation.css
  • jqueru-ui-min.css

JavaScript(JS) File Structure

We've written all our JS code at main.js file. The file is located at assets/js/main.js. We've also used some open source JS libraries like BootStrap. These open source JS library files are located at assets/js/vendor.

  • modernizr.min.js
  • jquery.js
  • bootstrap.min.js
  • sal.min.js
  • backtotop.js
  • magnifypopup.js
  • slick.js
  • countdown.js
  • jquery-appear.js
  • odometer.js
  • isotop.js
  • imageloaded.js
  • lightbox.js
  • wow.js
  • paralax.min.js
  • paralax-scroll.js
  • jquery-ui.js
  • tilt.jquery.min.js

Basic Site Settings

Change Image

All the images are located at, assets/images. Here you'll find all the images we used all over the site.

Course Data

Change Logo & Favicon

If you want to change the logo and favicon then please have a look at the screenshot below. The favicon is located at assets/images/favicon.png and the logo is located at assets/images/logo/logo.png

Course Details 1

Global Color & Typography

We have used scss for this project to write css. If you are familiar with scss you should customize only the .scss files which are located at assets/scss. Please make sure you compile the style.scss file located at assets/scss/style.scss after you have made changes in any of the .scss files.

To change the color and typography variables please go to variable.scss which is located at assets/scss/defaults/_variables.scss. Please have a look at the screenshot below. I hope you'll understand the rest.

Change Color
Global Color Settings
Change Typography
Global Typography Settings
Change Media Query
Global Media Query Settings

Contact Form

To modify the contact form email settings, please go to mail.php file at root folder. Here, replace with your email. Please follow the screenshot below for your better understanding.

Change Contact Email

Source Credit

All the CSS, JS, Images, Icons and Fonts we used on this template are completely open source.

CSS, JS, Icons and Font files sources

Image sources

Support/PreSale Question

Thank you for purchasing our template. We are happy that you are one of our customers. If you come up with any template-related questions that are beyond the scope of this documentation file, please feel free to let us know via our support forum You can also mail us at Our support engineers will reply to you within 10 minutes to 8 hours(max).